Mission & Values

Tyonek Contractors, LLC will be an honest and ethical trade partner within the construction industry. We will create and sustain an environment of integrity and innovation while utilizing small businesses and strategic partnerships to build the future.

We endeavor to build relationships through personal attention and professional performance that exceed expectations.

We are committed to building and sustaining an organization that values its people and their culture. Our goal is to become a recognized leader in the construction industry.

The requirements of any vision are patience, persistence and perseverance; Tyonek Contractors will uphold and maintain those standards for the vision to materialize.


As part of Tyonek Native Corporation, the values at Tyonek Contractors reflect those of a people and culture that have well-established and grounded principles.  The “Tebughna” or “Beach People” are Athabascans who have lived and continue to thrive in Southcentral Alaska.

The Native Village of Tyonek, with a population approximately 130, is located only 40 air miles south of Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, with a population of about 350,000.   The people of Tyonek are part of and speak an Athabascan dialect called Dena’ina.

From our history to date, and from the commitments that we all share now about the future, we have defined the values that should guide all our activities and staff in the years to come.

  • Tebughna ~ Our Land, our Tribe, our People
  • Tradition ~ Acknowledging our Elders and our Culture
  • Pride ~ Among our people for a successful and positive future
  • Good Health ~ With sobriety and spirituality
  • Trust ~ Building healthy relationships
  • Success ~ Through well-planned growth
  • Leadership ~ Through education and support
  • Knowledge ~ Passing on wisdom to our youth

We welcome you to learn more about our people, our history and culture, and our parent company, Tyonek Native Corporation at: http://www.tyonek.com/who-we-are/history-culture/